Say the Names...

Al Purdy wrote a wonderful poem called "Say the names say the names" which celebrates the names of Canadian rivers - Tulameen, Kleena Kleene, Similkameen, Nahanni, Kluane and on and on in a celebratory song.

Enbridge is planning to build a dual pipeline that will carry bitumen and condensate across hundreds of waterways between Edmonton and Kitimat. Some of these waterways are rivers like the Parsnip (or what's left of it), the Nechako, the Morice and others are smaller creeks whose names are often known only to the folks who live along their banks or who fish in their shadows or who bend to wash or drink as they cross paths.

I want to collect the names of these rivers and creeks, to collect your stories, your poems, your songs so we can collectively give voice to the land living under the line Enbridge plans to draw.

People have also sent me copies of their presentations to the community oral presentations. If you'd like to add your voice, email me ( your stories and I'll post them for you. The copyright remains with you.

All the best.
Sheila Peters

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Come out to support Hazelton

People who signed up to speak to the Joint Review Panel in Hazelton will have to come to Smithers to make their presentations because it's a "safe and secure" location - which, translated from JRP lingo, means there are fewer Indians around; the JRP forced the Heiltsuk of Bella Bella  to paddle across to Denny Island to present their testimony last week - a hearing that Enbridge didn't bother to attend. For the full Tyee story, click here:  The Tyee story.

The Hazelton people will be speaking in Smithers tomorrow (Monday, July 31) beginning at 9 pm at the Hudson Bay Lodge - if you can, come out to support them.

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